Commercial & Industrial Electronics

C & I Electronics was founded in 1994 by Scott and Donna Dill. The company orginally began as an electronics repair center for commercial and industrial electroncis. Electronics recycling and asset recovery began in 1996, a spin-off of the repair business. Repair, refurbishment, resale of used equipment, and electronics recycling have continued to be the focus of our business today. Our company employs over 20 full time workers. Business hours are Monday - Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM


Accepted Materials

CRT monitors, LCD displays
Computers, printers, fax machines
Laptops, Cell Phones, PDAs
Cables, printed circuit boards,
IT equipment
Telecommunication Equipment
Laboratory test equipment
Television Production Equipment
Medical Electronics
Industrial Electronics
Audio Video Equipment
Consumer Electronics
Satellite TV Equipment, Speakers, VCRs


We Do Not Accept

Flourescent Light Bulbs
Lead acid battiers with the exception of UPS Batteries
Other loose batteries ( we do take the batteries within the electronics )
White goods including refridgerators, stoves, vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers ect...
Loose plastic
Aluminum cans
Scrap steel

We will work to help you find a facility